About Us

The University Women’s Association Bangalore (UWAB) was formed in 1963 by a small group of women graduates. Today the Association has 63 women members from all parts of Bangalore and representing all age groups including recent graduates as well as the earliest member who graduated in the 1940s.

Since 1964, UWAB has focused on the welfare and education of women and girls, across all barriers of class, creed and physical ability. The goal of UWAB is to provide women and girls with a better future by giving them access to better options. To achieve it’s goals, UWAB has focused on providing the following services to women in Bangalore:

• Safe and affordable accommodation for women through the UWAB Working Women’s Hostel, built in 1978. Plans to build a second hostel in Indiranagar have been initiated and fundraising efforts are currently underway to meet the construction costs. (See Activities section for more details)

• A Computer Training Centre for women and young people from low income groups.

• Community development at Lakshmipura, a rural area close to Bangalore.

• Additional teaching assistance to needy students.

• Opportunities to apply for scholarships for higher education in countries such as Australia, UK, United States and Japan are available through the Indian and Bangalore Chapter of UWA (IFUWA and UWA Bangalore).

• Aspirations - A Gift and Thrift Shop promoting the reuse and recycling of household goods.

• We are also shortly launching a business start-up support center (UWAB - FETE)

In addition, UWAB also discusses current issues facing women in India including the legal, social and civil rights of women, child labour, infanticide, dowry, domestic abuse and environmental pollution. Outstanding women from various fields are honored and facilitated on different occasions. For example, on India’s 50th anniversary of independence from British rule in 1997, year-long celebrations were held. The celebrations included a program for the promotion of literacy, and honoring of 30 women freedom fighters.

Members have also contributed generously during times of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires, the 2004 Tsunami and other and calamities throughout India and the region, giving their time, energy and monetary assistance to relief efforts.