President's Message

I read somewhere that a Website can be a brochure, or a meeting place, a journal or a photo-gallery : I hope that ours will be a mix of all these, and that this will be achieved through good design, user-friendliness , aesthetics and unified content. It is my good luck that at this time, when we are finally launching our own website, I happen to be the President of UWA Bangalore (UWAB). I am truly grateful for this opportunity. I took on the mantle of President in September 2009, from my worthy predecessor Meera Ramchand. I am conscious of all the other distinguished women who have held this post before me, and have made UWA Bangalore what it is today. And just as important , I am grateful for the support of the Managing Committee members without which any achievement at all would be well-nigh impossible.

We did make an earlier attempt to put up our website, through the good offices of IFUW, who very kindly and generously offered to host the site and manage it for us. A young member Sridevi helped us to coordinate it at that time. However, we were unable to keep it updated , and the information on that site has therefore remained static. We are however immensely grateful to Sridevi and IFUW, particularly to Ana Marie and her team who helped us with that site.

Now, thanks to some more of our young and energetic members, we have finally got the website hosted locally and we are determined to keep it current and dynamic. We thank Samuel Rajumar and Diwakar of Inspireware who have given us professional help on the website. We already have a Yahoo group for our members with whom email correspondence happens regularly: this website will help to keep the conversation going and growing , while drawing in more new , younger members into our fold.

The history of UWAB is given in the "who we are" section of the website. We have also provided links to our different activities and projects in the "What we do" section. I urge all visitors to take the time to read about us by clicking on the menus. I also urge members to contribute articles, and to speak up on our blog site.

Our alliance to the IFUWA and the IFUW has brought us to where we are today; and has also enabled new partnerships and handshakes. Read about those as well as about the different events that we organize periodically for our members in main. I hope reading about all this and more will give you a peek into the fine and diverse organization that UWAB is.

At this point, I would like to draw attention to our major ongoing project, which is the Working Women's Hostel at HAL III Stage, Bangalore. The building construction is well underway, and while we do have some funding from Government and other sources (details of which are also available on the website), we still need substantial funds to complete the building and furnish it to acceptable standards. We have therefore incorporated an appeal for funds in the website, and I request every visitor to the site, particularly our members and other women, to contribute generously to our cause.

Wishing you all a fine reading experience with the UWA Bangalore website; knowing fully well that as proud members / concerned citizens, on being enlightened you will also be empowered to take it beyond the written word!

Warm regards

Geeta Jaisim